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Shirdi opens treasure in Sai Baba temple, donates so many crores Date: 28-03-2020

Shirdi opens treasure in Sai Baba temple, donates so many crores
Date: 28-03-2020

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A nationwide lockdown has been announced to stop the Corona virus epidemic.  Meanwhile, people have been appealed to stay in homes.  Apart from governance, all organizations and celebrities are also coming forward to help fight the global crisis.  In the same order, the Sambaba temple administration of Shirdi has also extended its hands for financial assistance in the battle of Corona.

51 crore decision to donate Rs

 To help the government in Maharashtra in the fight against Corona, Shirdi has decided to donate Rs 51 crore to Chief Minister's Relief Cell to the Sambaba Temple Administration.  It is worth mentioning that Shirdi Sambaba Temple has been completely closed to the devotees since March 17 due to the corona virus.  Maharashtra is the most affected state in India due to corona.  There are 125 people affected by the corona, while 5 people have died from the virus.

88 new cases of coronary infection emerged

 Apart from the Sambaba Temple, all the MPs and MLAs of Maharashtra have also helped in the fight against this crisis.  You have decided to give one month's salary to the Chief Minister's Relief Cell.  However, there are some relief news about Corona.  Today, a total of 7 lives have passed across the country since Covid-19 and 88 new cases of the virus have been infected.

 The cases that have come up so far today are less than yesterday.  About 30 cases have been filed so far this morning, according to the government.  This has helped to ease the corona case.  The deadly virus has so far killed 17 people.

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