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Rajkot doctor's screeching pain, 'We ask the family to stay home, but we fight for you'

Rajkot doctor's screeching pain, 'We ask the family to stay home, but we fight for you'
Date: 27-03-2020

The horror of Corona has been witnessed all over Gujarat.  Closedown has been announced following Corona.  In Gujarat, some societies have also been locked up.  And people are not allowed to go out.  But in the meantime the medical staff who are fighting against Corona have started to get frustrated.  In Teva, a doctor from Rajkot shared the pain on social media by sharing his video.

Director of Gokul Hospital of Rajkot and Secretary of IMA Rajkot Dr.  Tejas Karamata has shared a video on social media.  In this video, they stated that we do a risky job of scanning countless patients daily.  We are also told to stay home for 20 days.  But we are soldiers inside the border.  When we get out of the house, our wives and children all ask us to wash our hands with sanitizer, wear gloves, go to the hospital to receive… God has given a lot… where to go to the hospital… stay at home.  Yet as a soldier we get into the service of the community, for whom - for the community, for you, we fight for you, in the area where you have a humble request that paramedics medical and doctors, government machinery devote all their time to the war against Covid.  Going.  Along with this, they said that I appeal to the people of the society not to condemn the medical-paramedical staff who serve the patients and not evacuate the house.

 Besides, DGP Shivanand Jha of Gujarat has also accompanied the medical staff.  At the press conference, they said that the medical staff should not be harassed.  And the medical staff will take drastic action against harassed people.

Reference: Sandesh

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